Koan of Music – How to Get Your Song Heard

In Ancient Buddhist philosophy The Zen Koan was a spiritual journey handed down from Zen Master to novice. The Zen Koan was an unsolvable question that the Master would give to his disciple about his life or about his journey. In the end, the Koan became the answer to his own questions. Transcendence requires the courage to ask the questions and sometimes be okay without the answers. We can use this concept today as a tip for how to get your song heard.

How to Get Your Song Heard Koan

How Does Koan Relate to Music?

As artists, our music becomes the Koan, the unsolvable question. We spend so much of our lives seeking answers, we don’t realize that we’ve had the answer all along. The musical journey is the answer. But as with every Zen Koan, we begin to see that our music leaves us with more questions than answers. As an artist with fans, audiences, and people who love you and want to know more about your musical journey, your job is not to provide answers but questions. These questions should be posed in a way that leaves your fans inspired to ask their own questions.

What is Your Koan?

For many artists who breach the stage, the unsolvable question remains. How can I reach people through the art that I create? Am I reaching anyone? It’s true, music connects us. Music allows us to find validation in our experiences as artists. Whether on stage or off, your ability to reach your audiences and your fans as an artist is essential. This is true not only for them, but for you. Remember, your goal as an artist on stage is to provide profound questions through your music, but let your fans seek the answers.

How to Get Your Song Heard With Koan

At Afton we want to hear your Koan. We want to hear about your unsolvable question. We want to be part of it because we want to be part of the music you’ve created. Please share with us about your musical journey or your Musical Koan, and we’ll post it on our website. If you’re interested in sharing your musical journey, write to us and share about a time you’ve been on stage, written a song, or moved someone through your own inspiration. If we like it, we’ll post it. Join us and be a part of the unsolvable questions, Why am I an artist?

Why are you an Artist? What inspires you to create the music you do?

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