How to Send Info for Promo Blasts

As some of you may have noticed, we are now offering Promo Blasts in the shop on your profile! What that means is that you can buy different types of promo to be showcased on our social media sites. It’s a great way to get your name out there and start making impressions on the greater community.

The most important part about these blasts, and making sure we can get your content seen, is by having accurate information submitted. If any of your URL’s or handles are even one character off, once the blast is made, it may be displaying the wrong person. To make sure and prevent that, TRIPLE check all of the information before you send it over.

1. Whichever social site you purchased a blast for, make sure to have your name EXACTLY as it is in your account, so that we can get you in front of new fans.

Example: Facebook For Afton Shows would be: /aftonshowsconcertproduction

Example: Instagram for Afton Shows would be: @afton.shows

Example: Twitter for Afton Shows would be: @aftonshows

Example: YouTube for Afton Shows would be: /aftonshows

2. Make sure that the message you want displayed in the post, is clear and easy to comprehend.

Example: “I’m a 19 year old Oklahoma City recording artist, looking to change the world with my music, while living my best life! Follow me on Twitter: @unsignedartist”

3. Make sure that the image you choose for them to post is very clear and is not just a screenshot of your social account profile.




Like this:


4. If you are submitting a video, be sure that you are sending the video file so they can post it with the best quality. If you just send a link, they will not be able to post the actual video file.


5. If you have an event that you want promoted, be sure to include the information for the event in the image. This allows you to promote yourself as an artist, alongside the event.




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Zach Lincoln
Zach LincolnNew Venue Relations & Booking ManagerZach is in charge of acquiring new venues for Afton shows, as well as managing the relationships we have with the 100+ venues we currently work with. He is a Booking Manager, Social Media Manager, and contributes to our Afton Blog. Hobbies include disc golf, biking, and going to concerts. He’s constantly working on finding more great performance spaces for our artists to enjoy, and actively helps improve the way we serve our artists on a day to day basis.

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