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Afton Summer Contest Winners

This summer we ran contests for our active artists! We just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who participated, and let you know that we have a lot more where these came from! On that note, we wanted to recognize our winners and share a little more about them: Born Soul [...]

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Afton’s Perfect List

Afton’s Perfect List Whether you are grocery shopping, Instagramming, making an artist bio, heading over to Ikea to check out that new window merchandising of lamps, or you’re Mrs. Claus hassling your hubby Santa before the holidays, you’re going to make a list. Maybe even check it twice. As an artist, I know making a [...]

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What a Traditional Booking Agent Will (And Won’t) Do for Your Band

Imagine this: you’re an inventor, and you have built a new kind of multi-tool for home construction that nobody has seen before. You’re certain this tool is fantastic, your family raves about it, and now you want to sell it to the mass market. Do you march up to Home Depot and tell them how [...]

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The Perfect Band Name

The Perfect Band Name… Before Queen it was Smile. Before Green Day it was Sweet Children. Even before Red Hot Chili Peppers, it was Tony Flow & the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem. They say the “name makes the band.” How does one use songwriting inspiration to create one? For bands like Symphonic Disorder or [...]

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Koan of Music – How to Get Your Song Heard

In Ancient Buddhist philosophy The Zen Koan was a spiritual journey handed down from Zen Master to novice. The Zen Koan was an unsolvable question that the Master would give to his disciple about his life or about his journey. In the end, the Koan became the answer to his own questions. Transcendence requires the [...]