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Our world is now more digital than ever. Here at Afton, we think it should be used to your advantage.Our culture is connected through social media and we think it’s an opportunity for musicians to grow their network. It’s not something to get bogged down in, but something to take advantage of.

When I was 16, I was the lead the singer of a band called “Faded”. For nine years, I wrote the music, recorded, played shows, and even toured. Looking back, we would have killed for the kinds of digital connections and networking opportunities artists have today. Over the stint of nearly a decade, I discovered that having the right kinds of resources can make all the difference. With the internet at most artists’ fingertips these days, there is no reason not take advantage of every available opportunity to reach your target audience.

The Future is Now

At Afton, we want to work together with the artist, and give you the best resources for your musical journey. Through social media, we offer articles, blogs, new media content, tickets, prizes, contests, reviews, booking opportunities, upcoming concerts near you, flyers, expert advice, artist spotlights, social media tools and most importantly, personal experience. I want to encourage you to follow us on all our Social Media so you don’t miss a beat.

A connected world via social media

You are now part of a world that allows you to invest in one another like never before. Please take advantage of it and know that we are here for you. The road can be a rough one, that’s why we want to give you all the resources we have. They are available to you 24/7 on our social network:

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Ryan Kintz and the rest of the Afton Staff

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Ryan Kintz
Co-Founder of Afton at Afton Shows
Since starting the company in 2004, Ryan has held to our founding principle, that every talented unsigned artist deserves a chance to get onstage. When he’s not working, Ryan likes to play guitar, golf, disc golf,
snowboard, travel and spend time with family and friends. He’s been an avid animal lover, and Vegan, since 2013. Ryan is a Booking Manager, runs day to day operations, creates new artist services, and constantly optimizes how our booking and ticketing platforms can help our artists succeed. He also is the head of our national tours division for signed, nationally touring acts.

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