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What is the typical pay?

The typical amount of pay you should expect depends entirely on how many fans you plan to bring out to the event. For a breakdown of pay at every level, please visit

How can I get paid more?

Your pay is always proportional to your draw for the event, so the surest way to get paid more is to draw more fans. Also, your Booking Rep may be able to offer you options for Bonus Pays (either $1.00 or $2.00/fan extra, above the Minimum Guaranteed Pay Scale. The bottom line is, our booking staff is always eager to accommodate, whenever possible - so if you're interested in a certain amount of payment, just let us know, and we'll see what we can do.

How and when do I get paid

ALL of our artist payment now goes out by check after the show, and includes any Tips that your Fans left you if they bought online. Since we book over 1,000 acts per month, a lot of payment checks go out each week, and we have a solid system in place to get you what is owed. After each show, our Show Manager submits the post show report to our Post Show staff. Then they have to rectify the show numbers and put everything in the system, so usually within 2-3 days they are able to start mailing out the checks for the artists on your show. 1. When you complete confirmation for each show, you input your payment information (who to make the check out to and where to send it). So we will already have the correct address. *You can change your payment info at anytime from your account 2. You will be contacted by, once we have mailed your check. 3. The check is mailed from the west coast, so that is why we say it should arrive 5-7 business days after your show, mail delivery time will depend on your location. IF you ever need to check on the status of your payment, or if you have any questions you can contact our artist pay staff at directly at anytime:

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